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This bespoke project designed for the Becketts family involved a complete home modernisation of the interior space. The spaces were designed to  merge the indoors with the outdoors, in keeping  with an architectural style that is both modern and simplistic. As a home occupied by a family of four who lead an extrovert lifestyle spending their weekends entertaining guests with dinner parties, there was a great focus on the spatial design for the kitchen and living area. The heart of the house that needed to be spacious, stylish and functional. 

This simple, yet aesthetically pleasing oak and marble modern kitchen blended perfectly with the homes’ interior. The inclusion of Gauteemala Green marble bought an elegant touch to the living space and the use of teak wood added an element of  warmth for those colder seasons. 

The use of white high gloss throughout the home and kitchen cabinetry provided a very pure appearance to the space creating a light and airy atmosphere as you walk through each room. Directly opposite the cabinetry and adjacent to the living space is the multi-function island. The island made from both oak and marble was designed to enable the Becketts to use practically as well as an informal dining area in the form of a breakfast bar. The island comfortably seats up to four people and the matching swivel chairs allow the family to enjoy the beauty of their kitchen design or swivel round towards the views of the living area which opens into their back garden. The marble side of the island has plenty of storage with cupboards, oak dovetailed drawers and shelves which can hold the weight of both small and large pots and pans. 

The use of colours was important to the Beckett’s therefore we kept to a consistent theme of contrasting dark and light tones. The office space  compliments the kitchen space with the inclusion of an oak finished desk. This small yet significant design detail of the oak finish in each area of the home connects the spaces together.

This visually pleasing and contrasting finished home was a true winner with The Beckett’s and their guests

Take a look at our walk through video and and get inspired with designing your own bespoke interior with Bordo Design.


360 Remodling 


Surrey, UK


Aug 2022

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